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Martin Leduc at Espace OSM | September 2019 Montreal

Lux Sonarium | Interactive | Collective Harp

Collective device favouring

calm expression and listening.

Combines kinetic, analogic

and digital algorithmic forms.

Generates diverse modalities

of playing and listening.

Multi-sensory experience in a

benevolent atmosphere all

generated by public playing.

Integrates actual technologies

and cutural transmission at a

human scale experience.

Martin Leduc | Cordes in Situ/in city

Tom Thum & Gordon Hamilton

Soon in Montreal ...

our next event in Germany

Mikhail Mordvinov | Kröv 16|11|2019|6:30 pm


Again this year, we are presenting  a great Concert for Villa Kunterbunt in Kröv. And as well were are proud to present the great Art Work from Sigrid Vogel-Reinecker

Previous events



Yann Metzmacher and Daniel Bucurescu at the Schloss Biesdorf | Berlin | May 17th 

Cello Lounge | Aperto Raum |Berlin


Konstantin Manaev & friends

Aperto Raum is pleased to invite you to the launch of a series of concerts with Konstantin Manaev presented throughout the year!

The fist concert is dedicated to female contemporary composers in honor of 

Women's Day.

175 Jahre Zoo Berlin | Kaneval der Tiere


August 3rd and 4th at Zoo Berlin

Musik | Konstantin Manaev

Illustrations | Clara de Villiers

Clara De Villiers


Photographs | Amira Fritz

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