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Anne-Michelle Schieben’s education and work experience were strongly tainted by her deep interest in diversity and art which inspires her through her work and makes AMS a project that has been in the making for many years. Originated from Montreal in Quebec, Canada, she began teaching French when she moved to Germany and quickly took on an artistic and innovative approach with her students, taking care of artistic projects, which has encouraged her to pursue a bigger plan and to partner with more people. 

Diversity, social commitment, and art being three core values to Anne-Michelle, as a project manager today, she is trying to make those three spheres tie in together. AMS goal is to bring great artists with different background and using different art forms, to light. Classical music is universe that is vividly present in the work that takes upon, and you will find the importance of it all throughout her work. Classical music being played by trained musicians who know about the art of composing, you can say that Anne-Michelle looks for refined artists who masters their craft. Connecting different parts of the world together and creating a bridge between artists and social commitment is key to her work.

Acknowledging art, inclusion, unicity, and celebrating it. We hope you will find here a place of knowledge, inspiration and a community to be part of. 

Martin Leduc at Espace OSM | September 2019 Montreal

Lux Sonarium | Interactive | Collective Harp

Collective device favouring

calm expression and listening.

Combines kinetic, analogic

and digital algorithmic forms.

Generates diverse modalities

of playing and listening.

Multi-sensory experience in a

benevolent atmosphere all

generated by public playing.

Integrates actual technologies

and cutural transmission at a

human scale experience.

Martin Leduc | Cordes in Situ/in city

Tom Thum & Gordon Hamilton

Soon in Montreal ...

our next events in Germany

Karneval der Tiere | Zoo Berlin 3|8|2019 and 4|8|2019 | 7:30 pm


We are celebrating 175 years Berlin Zoo with "Karneval der Tiere" from Camille Saint-Saëns 

presented by  Kawai | PianoGalerie-Berlin | ZK-Piano Transporte  | in collaboration with

Hans Eisler Music School Berlin

Mikhail Mordvinov | Kröv 16|11|2019|6:30 pm


Again this year, we are presenting  a great Concert for Villa Kunterbunt in Kröv

Previous events



Yann Metzmacher and Daniel Bucurescu at the Schloss Biesdorf | Berlin | May 17th 

Cello Lounge | Aperto Raum |Berlin


Konstantin Manaev & friends

Aperto Raum is pleased to invite you to the launch of a series of concerts with Konstantin Manaev presented throughout the year!

The fist concert is dedicated to female contemporary composers in honor of 

Women's Day.

Manaev & Metzmacher


Music for Villa Kunterbunt in Kröv

Musik | Konstantin Manaev

Illustrations | Clara de Villiers

Clara De Villiers


Photographs | Amira Fritz

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